Monthly Fee 1 Portal

$2,500.00 / Month



Monthly Fee 1 Portal


Car Dealer Network Operates many Keyword Portals

They save dealers over 50% on PPC Ads

They get high CTR rates

They maximize ROI on PPC Marketing

Select the amount of Keyword Portals

You want to be on


This fee is for our Network to manage

$5,000 in Google PPC Ads

Fee does not include cost of Google Ads

We have an overage fee of 50%

If your budget exceeds $5000 per keyword

Our Portals Include


Car Dealer .network

New Cars .network

i New Cars .com

Used Cars .network

247 Used Cars .com

Electric Cars .network

EV Cars .network

e Cars .network

1 Cars .net

1 Autos .net

1 Trucks .net

Car Loans .loan

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